culture & values

We have a culture worth celebrating.

We never sacrifice a video technique, angle, or style for an "easier" production. Every video second is our chance to masterfully curate the pixel, deciding with care where it goes next.

Moreover, we are professionals who care about the environment, social equity, moving the needle towards more diverse representation, and giving back to the communities we serve.

our five core values

The company culture is built on the strong values of dignity, respect, innovation, professional excellence, and giving.

We have all decided to be here, over and above other opportunities. There is a greater harmony at play within the Goodsides workplace, and we sustain this through dignity, reflection, recognition, and celebration. Additionally, wellbeing in economic, physical, mental, and spiritual terms is explored during weekly Team Round Up meetings. The foundation of these talks is built on one’s right to total wellbeing, away from mismanagement, overly long hours, bullying, and/or harassment.
Meaningful work assignments that connect to one’s passion are a staple of our delegation and management. When we recognize each other’s individual strengths and talents, we set the stage for greater respect from the team.
Innovation equals better culture. We will always pick a novel solution over something tired/safe.
Professional Excellence
Our culture rewards risks and learning from failure. To be excellent is to treat others with excellence as well. If we ever forget this, or try shortcuts, we have already lost.
Goodness humanizes us and makes the company better. We will reach greatness via good deeds. This value has no limit and cannot be exhausted; like love, we are reminded of the never-ending surprise, bounty, and grace of this life.

Coalitions and careers are made here.

Caring Coalitions
We are open to creative arrangements that include outside individuals or groups who share our values. They must also be reputable and have a valid/operating diversity policy to share upon request. To learn more, visit our Partnerships page.
Fair Compensation
Goodsides refuses to take part in the (all too rampant) over-use of our community volunteers. Every on-screen participant should receive something in return. Similarly, we are firm on maintaining pay-rate minimums for our employees and contractors.
We Foster Gratitude!
We follow up interactions and engagements with thank you videos, when feasible. Assisting nonprofits also receive callouts to further their outreach efforts. All partners of the company receive physical mail celebrating wins, news, and holidays.