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When bidding, we are actively working in partners where it makes sense.

Receive priority on sub positions, easier payment processing, zero bargaining, and a GOV-first agency in your corner for last-minute video needs.
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Partnership calls in 2021
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Goodsides qualifies your business and arranges a future discussion.


We build trust and explore possible ways forward.


We share materials. This includes a 20+ page subconsultant package.

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How often are you bidding?
Given our high submission volume, we're the busiest contracting firm we know. Every RFP is on the table (no est. minimums).
Any resources for partners?
Of course! All partners have access to our internal capture/bidding team. We are also available to speak on the power of video during sales meetings.
Do you own your equipment?
Yes! We own everything needed to get started. A full equipment list is provided with our subconsultant package.
What do you need from us?
We need a conversation, your service particulars, a diversity policy, and your best mailing address.
How many partnerships do you have?
Over 35+ highly-productive relationships with various vendors across the marketing and advertising spectrums.
Which industry niches?
Anything that will add value and address today's viewership, speak to current trends, etc. We are especially friendly towards data-driven solutions.

Let's make them believe.

"Goodsides sets the bar for video production as the filming surpassed our expectations." -Glauz Diego, Director of Art + Culture