Amplifying Impact in Los Angeles County Through the Power of Video

Goodsides is thrilled to support LA County's American Rescue Plan through impactful video services, fostering collaborations for community transformation.

We're thrilled to share some exciting news. After months of anticipation since the start of the year, Goodsides LLC has been qualified by the County of Los Angeles to enter into an American Rescue Plan (ARP) Support Services Master Agreement. This important qualification allows us to provide our high-impact video services to the county, and the time we have under this Master Service Agreement (MSA) will enable us to make a significant impact on the local community.

Video productions take time to plan and execute effectively, and the longer our tenure under the MSA, the more change we can drive. We’re eager to put our creative talents to work, crafting stories that resonate with viewers and inspire action.

The American Rescue Plan is a monumental recovery effort. As a Certified Social Enterprise, we’re prepared to meet the challenge, responding to the diverse needs of Los Angeles County departments with creative, compelling video content.

But our vision extends beyond our own efforts. We're keen to collaborate with local nonprofits and other organizations that are also driving change in our community. If your organization has projects that could benefit from this initiative, we'd love to hear from you. Together, we can amplify our collective impact and make a difference where it’s needed most.

Goodsides' co-founders have already hit the ground running, drafting video concepts that highlight the impressive work done by fellow ARP qualifiers. One such example is LA Compost, an organization that's leveraging ARP funding to create environmentally friendly impacts within local communities. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on these efforts, showcasing the tangible, positive changes that the American Rescue Plan is enabling in Los Angeles County.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. If you're interested in learning more about our work, our qualification process, or if you're keen to collaborate, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your insights, partnerships, and support will help us achieve our goals and create lasting change for residents of LA County.

Finally, we’d like to express our gratitude to the County of Los Angeles for this opportunity. It's a milestone that we're incredibly proud of, and we can't wait to see the impact we can make together.

Let’s harness the power of video to inspire change and transform our community. Let’s create a brighter future for Los Angeles, one frame at a time.

Reach out to us and let’s make a difference together.