December Update

Updates from Goodsides HQ. We're keeping this one short, but you get to see inside our admin process, some cert updates, and how we're approaching Q1.

This year has been a rollercoaster for entrepreneurs, video producers, purchasing departments, and viewers everywhere. We've merely taken the best parts of our company's leadership and created an umbrella entity to better serve cities, counties, and other government entities, as well as their resident taxpayers. In addition to our official incorporation, we have a number of updates for visitors to our site:

  • While we self-certify as a Minority Business Enterprise, we're currently in the middle of the application process to receive MBE certification through the City of Los Angeles.
  • We have started to think about mentorship for college students. This will go deeper and provide more hands-on training than an internship.
  • Goodsides is receiving pre-qualification from local (SoCal) public buyers this month.
  • We have released our reel entitled "Great Government Media is Possible."
  • We've reviewed 50+ prior contracts and hundreds of proposals tied to those procurements. In turn, we're getting better with our pricing and which added value services to work into our proposals.
Anything is possible, even during a pandemic.

The above couldn't be more true, and we're the proof! You can catch the latest updates on our social channels as well.

Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year. See you again in 2021.