List of Video Production Companies in California

Discover California's unique video production industry and find out which standout companies, including Goodsides, are redefining creativity and innovation in our latest article, where we reveal the key players shaping this dynamic field.


California, a hub of creativity and innovation, is renowned for its vibrant video production industry. However, when it comes to selecting a video production company, the approach is not as straightforward as browsing through a comprehensive list. This article aims to explore the nuances of the industry, focusing on the common practice of subcontracting and the critical aspect of finding a company that truly aligns with your specific needs.

The Reality of the Video Production Industry

In the world of marketing and advertising, it's a common practice for agencies to subcontract video production tasks to individual videographers and smaller teams. This approach allows for greater flexibility and access to a diverse range of talents and styles. Consequently, attempting to compile an exhaustive list of video production companies becomes less relevant. The essence of quality video production lies not in the size or the fame of the company, but in the ability to meet the unique demands of each project.

Beyond Just Videographers

The process of creating compelling video content extends far beyond videography. Animators, editors, sound engineers, and other creative professionals play pivotal roles in bringing a vision to life. Each of these roles is critical in shaping the final product, making their contribution as significant as that of the videographers themselves.

The Key Question: Meeting Specific Needs

The most effective way to find a video production company that suits your project is through the Request for Proposal (RFP) and proposal process. This method allows you to outline your specific requirements and evaluate how different companies propose to meet them. Responses can be assessed and scored based on criteria such as creativity, budget alignment, timeline feasibility, and previous work quality.

Why Start with Goodsides?

Goodsides should be your starting point in this journey. Our expertise in the field enables us to understand your project's needs and recommend the most suitable video production company, even if we are not the best fit. Our recommendations consider your budget, the project's scope, and the unique aspects of the industry, ensuring you partner with a company that can truly bring your vision to life.

Honorable Mentions in California

California is home to several notable video production companies worth mentioning. Kilter is renowned for its creative storytelling, 3fold Communications stands out for its corporate video expertise, Uri Ruffin brings exceptional talent as a Director of Photography, and TV Pro Gear is known for its technical excellence. Each of these entities brings something unique to the table, catering to different facets of video production.

Others in the industry besides Goodsides:

  1. Brandefy: Located in Los Angeles, Brandefy is known for its expertise in branded video production. They offer a range of services including explainer videos, 3D animation, motion graphics, and more. Their focus on storytelling and cost-effective video solutions makes them a significant player in the industry​​.
  2. LocalEyes Video Production: With offices in Pasadena, LocalEyes Video Production has garnered attention for its timeliness and service excellence. Specializing in video production, they cater to a variety of clients, ranging from small to enterprise levels. Their approach is notable for its focus on client-specific needs and high-quality production values​.
  3. Goodsides (back to home): We'll match or beat any quote shared with you within California for any project. With offices in Los Angeles and contractors located throughout CA, we have a home advantage and a unique lens into what works with audiences here.


Understanding the video production landscape in California is about recognizing the diverse talents and services available in the industry. It's about finding a company that not only has the technical skills but also aligns with the specific needs and vision of your project.

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