Press Release: Goodsides Pioneers Innovative Collaborations in Video Production, Overcoming Funding Hurdles

Hollywood-based Goodsides forges creative partnerships to keep public sector video projects on track despite significant funding delays.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Goodsides, a Hollywood-based video production agency and Certified Social Enterprise (SE), is stepping up with innovative strategies to tackle the challenges posed by funding delays. As the sole SE specializing in video and digital media for communities, Goodsides equips public agencies and institutions with the tools needed to compete in today's attention economy.

Responding to the lengthy delays in accessing American Rescue Act funds allocated for LA County, Goodsides has kept a proactive approach, lining up critical projects and exploring alternative funding avenues to ensure their execution. This experience has amplified the crucial role of video content, as project stakeholders express an urgent need for visual narratives to propel their missions forward.

"We can't just stand around twiddling our thumbs waiting for budgets to clear," commented Louis Easton, CEO and Co-founder of Goodsides. "We've got to think smart, get creative, and hunt down cost-effective solutions to keep producing high-impact content. And that's precisely what we're doing."

The team at Goodsides has widened its collaborative scope, connecting with professionals from diverse sectors they hadn't previously considered. By partnering with videographers and drone operators from the real estate sector, they've discovered a cost-effective solution that aligns with the financial realities of agency partners, thereby keeping crucial projects in motion.

This innovative approach has breathed new life into projects like the one with Arlington Garden in Pasadena. Despite funding constraints, the Garden has significant potential for community outreach through educational events, video vignettes, and a broader marketing campaign. This newfound momentum indicates promising progress in the near future.

Furthermore, this collaborative and resilient mindset is an ideal fit for revitalization efforts, downtown Business Improvement Districts, farmers markets, and similar community-focused endeavors, where every penny counts and innovative solutions make the difference.

Goodsides continues to leverage its unique position as a Certified Social Enterprise to deliver value to the community, proving its commitment to producing captivating media that reaches diverse audiences and resident population segments.

About Goodsides: Goodsides is a Hollywood-based creative video production agency and a Certified Social Enterprise. They are dedicated to producing media that stands out, reaches diverse audience segments, and gives public agencies and institutions an edge in today's attention economy.

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