Using Video to Engage Youth on Earth Day

As Earth Day 2021 approaches, there is one component to community involvement that deserves adequate attention: youth involvement. As conservation efforts continue to grow, today’s youth are on the forefront of action. With 86% of people under the age of 18 accepting that climate action is needed immediately, there are many kids willing to help with the efforts being made, However, both informing and engaging our youth can prove difficult at times. Using video to inspire change and also continue to educate our youth puts us one step closer to achieving a sustainable future. 

Interactive Educational Videos

Ask any educator or parent- an element of interactive fun can peak the interest of even the most disinterred pupil. Bringing interactive video to the table can help further and enrich the learning of our younger generations in the classroom and at home. Videos geared toward kids allow for complex ideas to be simplified into understandable, yet rounded out ideas. Earth Day is designed to challenge and educate those who participate; this can take form in a variety of ways. Creating a video that explains the theme of Earth Day (2021 theme: restoration), examines ways to make lasting impact in the community, and provides tangible visual examples of climate efforts. While the end goal is always to compel kids into becoming active participants in climate action, primary education on the importance of their efforts is first necessary. Educational interactive videos should contain a clear call to action, and videos can utilize visual examples to do so. Some suggestions include:

  • Challenge kids to build a bird feeder or similar craft
  • Video tutorials on how to build a micro-greens garden
  • A classroom based recycling program 
  • A video explaining the water cycle and emphasis on water conservation 
  • Video scavenger hunt to teach kids to identify different types of plants/greenery

Video as a Medium of Inspiration

When used correctly, video can be the source of great inspiration. In the age of our youth understanding the power of video and visual media, Earth Day is a chance to give kids the platform to speak out about the issues that they feel passionate about. Currently, the Earth Day 2021 campaign contains videos outlining the importance of different environmental efforts that you can take, and most importantly, why taking these efforts can make long term and sustainable change. 

For our youth, understanding the importance of conservation is deeply important, but hard to communicate without directly showing the importance of their actions. There are many ways to get involved with educating the community’s youth about climate change and why action is needed so desperately. Water agencies, conservation organizations, recycling districts, etc. are all examples of community leaders who can benefit from what video has to offer our youth. 

Best Practices for Utilizing Video

If you are interested in joining the efforts toward youth education and climate change, Goodsides is here to help. With a passion for environmental efforts and understanding the importance of Earth Day 2021 and this year’s theme of restoration, Goodsides is equipped to assist with your video needs. For more information on the services we offer, check out our website at