2021 Video Reel

"Great Government Media is Possible"
Major City Departments
Services rendered
Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production
Project value
5 Minutes
Youtube link

Video production designed for high engagement and created with .GOV entities in mind. Goodsides was founded on the premise that good hearts and good video can transform communities, as well as how public agencies showcase themselves.

Goodsides is solely video production for governments, setting us apart from others in the space. No other media company in Southern California (and possibly the US) has been built with only purchasing departments top of mind. This matters because commercial experience can translate into the non-profit, resident taxpayer-centric world, but there will always be a translation, a reconfiguration, or a comparison. Goodsides is immediately native to your concerns and issues, and has seemingly endless compatibility.

Our 2021 reel features visual assets created for The City of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Police Department, The City of Santa Monica, LA Metro, LA Department of Public Works, and more.