our environment

Meet Your Green Goals.

Goodsides aims to enliven efforts that may have been sitting on the shelf related to environmental action. The time to act is now. Neighborhood vitality is at stake.

Raising the Collective Bar.

We routinely inquire about ways to improve our production footprint alongside .GOV energy/climate offices, sometimes months before appearing on location.

This proactive approach has been warmly welcomed by prominent US cities, departments, and utilities.

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Sustainable Pre-Production

Paper-Free Planning
We skip 30-100% post-consumer recycled paper all together. No paper needed when organizing and scheduling our shoots.
Early Engagement with Targets
Goals of carbon neutrality, climate resiliency, etc., are all factored into our pre-production.
LEED Certified Spaces
Goodsides exclusively works in LEED Certified buildings with motion sensors, natural light, and recycling and composting programs.
Eco-Friendly Routes
Driving and transportation routes are considered when booking locations.


Lighting Considerations
We assess lighting needs before and during shoots. We also turn lights off when they are not being used.
Plastic-Free Shoots
Goodsides is plastic-free while on set. No single-use items or plastic water bottles allowed.
Cleaner Environments
We clean up before and after our productions, recycling and composting any discarded items and/or litter.
Production shouldn't hurt plants or wildlife. Instead, we are aware of potential disturbances while on set.

Post Production

Energy Star Certified
Only Energy Star computers, drives, and graphics cards are used for editing.
File Delivery
We deliver files in batches, optimize finals, and never physically mail deliverables unless this is explicit in our contracts.
Commitments & pledges
LA's Green New Deal
Plan Bay Area 2050
Vision California
The Climate Pledge (Pending)
UN's Climate Neutral Now