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Good Hearts
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Goodsides was officially born from the COVID-19 pandemic by two entrepreneurs seeking to reimagine how government agencies source video production.
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Curated Assets
Interviews, PSAs, explainer videos, and educational instruction all with your agency's voice and branding considerations.
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On Location
Turning public-owned assets into exciting infrastructure for residents. Even the mundane is given a new kind of attention.
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Stakeholder Involvement
We make sure that everyone feels part of the action, and in a natural way. This is proven to make a better end product.
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We don't just 'target' audiences, we resonate with them. True connection is key.

Louis Easton
Co-Founder and CEO

Using the power of video, Goodsides supports a nationwide curriculum.


Operating budget for Richland Library.


People served under this new video curriculum (just in Richland County)


Named National Library of the Year by the Library Journal in 2001.

Partnerships are in our DNA

Build video production services into your marketing/outreach project using our rates, or simply consult with us about the power of video.

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