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our mission

We are here to amplify the impact of social change-makers. We partner with purpose-driven organizations to craft compelling narratives that inspire action.
Our co-founder
Louis Easton
Co-Founder & CEO

You can now go boldly in the connect-by-video era.

Our Story
Before 2020, we witnessed a world where social sector organizations were rather disconnected and distant. Audiences were left underwhelmed and uninspired. We decided it was time for a change – a new era where these same institutions could shine. That's how we embarked on a mission to help them become better, bolder, more visible, and more engaging. Want more? See our timeline.
Why Choose Us?
Our Approach
Our values
Curate Down to the Pixel
We never sacrifice a video technique, angle, or style for an "easier" production. Every video second is our chance to masterfully curate the pixel, deciding with care where it goes next.
Give More Back
We are professionals who care about the environment, social equity, moving the needle towards more diverse representation, and giving (more) back to the communities we serve. We will reach greatness via good deeds.
Customer Service Behind Everything
In an age when automation and AI perform backend, programmable tasks, humans are what's left on the front end. Customer service is therefore how we will stand out and compassionately produce value. Exceptional service will move our art forward and give it air to breathe.
Leadership team
Louis CEO of Goodsides Headshot
Co-Founder & CEO
Louis Easton
Public outreach expert with over 20 years in film and media production, Louis is an advocate for environmental issues and a connector across diverse cultures. He first dreamed up Goodsides back in 2016 while producing a PSA for the City of Santa Monica.
Joseph Co-Founder of Goodsides Headshot
Co-Founder & Partnerships
Joseph Letke, MA
With 17 years' experience in impactful social sector campaigns, Joseph forges strong client partnerships and steers Goodsides' future with Louis. His creative leadership is informed by his training at CalArts.
Uri DP of Goodsides Headshot
Director of Photography
Uri Ruffin
Award-winning cinematographer with 20 years' experience crafting compelling stories through light and lens. Skilled in diverse production settings, including documentary, commercial, and narrative work.
Josh Head of Post Production Headshot
Head of Post Production
Josh Hernandez
A seasoned editor with 15+ years crafting compelling branded content. Josh transforms client stories with technical mastery and a focus on audience engagement.
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Setting up a video production at a cultural institutionBTS of a historical preservation video production
Photo of inside of our office
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From a solitary city project in 2016 to ARPA funding qualification and national video trainings.
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