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A full spectrum of content. Serialized videos, educational animations, aerial progress updates, event coverage, multi-part stories, and dynamic social campaigns.
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"Every member shows up with a smile and is enthusiastic about their work which makes the process of working with Goodsides easy and fun."
Jake Fry
Executive Director, Plants 4 the People
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Frequently Asked Questions
How does this style of production differ from traditional video production?
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Our Cinematic Video Production leverages our extensive experience in filmmaking to create videos that go beyond standard productions. We use high-end equipment, shoot in resolutions as high as 8K, and employ techniques used in the film industry to deliver a visually stunning and emotionally engaging product.
What are the benefits of using high resolutions like 6K and 8K?
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Shooting in 6K and 8K resolutions offers several advantages. The increased resolution translates to sharper, clearer visuals, creating a more immersive and professional viewing experience. Additionally, high-resolution video remains crisp and relevant for longer periods, maximizing the return on your investment.
My team doesn't have a lot of experience on camera. How can Goodsides help?
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Our team is adept at working with talent at all levels of comfort. We use proven talent management techniques honed over years of experience to put everyone at ease and ensure authentic performances.
How does Goodsides approach budget control?
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We understand the importance of staying within budget. Goodsides owns all of our own equipment, eliminating rental fees and associated costs. Our experienced crews are highly efficient, minimizing production time and keeping projects on track.
We would like the viewer to see the full breadth of our uniqueness. Is this doable?
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We share your passion for showcasing the heart of your organization. Our cinematic approach is fueled by that energy, finding the extraordinary within your environments, archives, and other resources. We partner with you to understand your mission, then purposefully craft visuals and storytelling that transcend the expected, creating videos as captivating as the work they highlight.
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