5 Ways that Nonprofits Can Leverage Video 

It’s a new age for nonprofit organizations. Old marketing techniques are losing effectiveness, and new methods such as social media, digital ads and use of video are more alive than ever. The past few years have been explosive for video-related marketing in the social media realm. One video now has the potential to transform your nonprofit’s impact and overall reach. It’s no longer a question of ‘if’, but rather a question of ‘how’ when it comes to leveraging video to further the impact being made. While video used to be just considered another component of an overarching marketing plan, this visual media has now morphed into the main marketing tool for many nonprofit organizations.

1. Show Impact

One of the most fundamental video practices in the nonprofit industry is using video to show the incredible impact that the nonprofit at hand is making. Visuals are telling; being able to actually see where donations and efforts are going can make an incredible difference in the way the nonprofit is perceived. With video, it can take just minutes to show how the organization operates, the difference that they are making, and most importantly, the individual lives being changed. 

2. Share Your Mission- Visually

While mission statements are important for all types of businesses, nonprofit organizations are especially mission driven. Mission statements have the power to clearly communicate vision and goals not employees, donors, volunteers and community members. With such a meaningful component comes the question of how to best communicate it to others. While a written mission statement is fine, a visual mission statement is easily the best effective way to show others the true meaning behind an organization. 

With over 19 million views, CharityWater remains one of the best examples of a visual mission related video. By combining storytelling elements like background context, animation, etc. this video beautifully demonstrates why CharityWater was created and what their goals and organizational purposes are. 

3. Introduce Yourself 

In a virtual world, it can feel difficult to have genuine connection and feel as if we know the people behind the screen. That’s why studies are showing that having a recognizable face behind an organization has incredible benefits, such as a feeling of personal connection and showing genuine personality. When appealing to donors, showing the real people who have dedicated their time to the cause can be a very impactful marketing tool. Additionally, introduction videos can be utilized to highlight and showcase various team members and the individual impact that they are making within the organization. 

In this example, individual team members are highlighted and given the opportunity to speak on their experiences at the organization and the impact that they are getting to make on the mission. 

4. Cultivate Trust 

One of the greatest benefits of video is that there is an increased ability to create a culture of trust and peeking behind the curtain. By using video to show authenticity and showcasing the everyday operations of an organization, viewers are given a deeper look into the organization that they are supporting. When it comes to nonprofit organizations, smoke and mirrors are never going to be accepted. Transparency and a demonstrated effort to cultivate mutual trust is highly important. 

5. Grab Attention 

Video can serve a multitude of purposes. But plain and simple, video is interesting, funny and captivating in a way that text and pictures can’t compete with. Video grabs attention and can appeal to just about any audience. People want to be moved by what they see, and they want to hear the true story behind the organization’s ‘what’. 

Ready for the Next Step?

If you’re ready to elevate your nonprofit marketing, video is by and far the route to pursue. With countless benefits and industry changing qualities, utilizing video to elevate your organization is highly recommended. If you are interested in taking this next step toward amazing video production, reach out to Goodsides at www.government.media!