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7 Fresh Video Concepts for California Transit: Unboxed, Unbound, Unbelievable

Engage more with riders, build trust, and showcase your transit agency's commitment to safety, sustainability, and equity.
June 16, 2024
7 Fresh Video Concepts for California Transit: Unboxed, Unbound, Unbelievable

In the vibrant cities of California, from San Francisco (shown below) to sprawling San Bernardino, transit agencies are constantly evolving to meet the needs of diverse communities.

Goodsides is at the forefront of this transformation, crafting compelling video narratives that resonate with the heart and soul of California's public transportation.

Our 2024 video offerings go beyond mere information; they build trust, spark excitement, and foster a deeper connection between transit agencies and the communities they serve.

Key Video Concepts for 2024

1. Safety First: A Pledge to Protect

Showcasing the latest advancements in safety technology, training, and protocols, Goodsides' safety videos instill confidence in riders and pedestrians alike. We highlight real-time safety systems, rigorous staff training, and heartfelt testimonials from commuters, emphasizing your agency's unwavering commitment to protecting everyone on the move.

2. Public Health and Transit: A Shared Journey to Well-being

In the wake of global health concerns, public transit's role in community well-being has never been more critical. Our videos spotlight the stringent sanitation measures, health checkpoints, and innovative approaches that ensure safe and healthy travel for everyone.

3. Efficiency Unleashed: Accelerating Towards a Smarter Tomorrow

Goodsides captures the excitement of transit innovation, showcasing optimized routes, rapid transit solutions, and cutting-edge technology that enhance efficiency and reduce travel times. We paint a vivid picture of the future of public transportation, inspiring riders to embrace a more seamless and convenient commute.

4. Pedestrian Paradise: Reclaiming Our Streets

As California cities strive to become more walkable, our videos document the transformation of pedestrian infrastructure. We showcase vibrant pedestrian zones, safer crossings, and accessible pathways, highlighting the positive impact on community life and urban revitalization.

5. Community Connections: Expanding Access to Opportunity

By showcasing new transit lines, expanded services, and improved facilities, our videos demonstrate how these investments create a more connected and accessible community for all. We focus on the real-world benefits for residents, including reduced travel times, increased employment opportunities, and enhanced access to essential services.

6. Green Initiatives: Nurturing a Sustainable Future

Goodsides celebrates the environmental stewardship of transit agencies by highlighting urban gardening projects, green spaces, and efforts to mitigate the urban heat island effect. These videos showcase your commitment to sustainability and the positive impact on the environment and community well-being.

7. Equity in Motion: Transit for All

We believe in a future where transportation is equitable and accessible to everyone. Our videos spotlight programs designed to empower underserved communities, providing affordable fares, accessible services, and targeted outreach to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Why Video Communication is Essential for Transit Agencies:

  • Engagement: Video is a powerful tool for capturing attention, conveying information, and sparking conversations.
  • Trust and Transparency: Regular video updates demonstrate your commitment to open communication and accountability. Updates at higher resolutions see that investment pay off even more.
  • Education and Awareness: Video can educate the public about new services, safety protocols, and the broader benefits of public transportation today.
  • Community Building: Videos foster a sense of belonging and shared purpose, strengthening the bond between transit agencies and the communities they serve. No one can opt out of the connect-by-video era.


As we inch closer towards 2025, Goodsides is dedicated to partnering with transit agencies across California to craft video narratives that inform, inspire, and engage. We're committed to showcasing your agency's dedication to safety, sustainability, equity, and community well-being.

Let's tell your story together. Contact Goodsides today to unleash the power of video and elevate your transit agency's communication to new heights.