Can Visual Media Aid Conservation Efforts?

From year to year, there has been one issue that has proven steadfast and at the forefront of the issues plaguing our world- conservation efforts and how we can protect our precious resources. While the issues of climate change and diminishing natural resources have been talked about for decades, we are at a pivotal moment where there is one incredibly effective tool in the fight- video and visual media. From incredible story telling to sparking inspiration, video is one of the most powerful elements of the fight for a better tomorrow.

The Story Behind Conservations Efforts

Conservation is more than just fixing leaky pipes and cutting down shower times. Conservation is the beauty of the planet and the ability to see value in the preservation of that beauty. Conservation is the appreciation of the animals that are suffering. Conservation is the care for future generations and the desire for them to experience the world as we are able to. These are all individual stories that can only be fully understood when seen visually. The power behind storytelling is enough to show why people should care. By getting others involved and behind your cause, you are only deepening the value of your efforts.

In this video , the art and power of storytelling in order to further conservation efforts are skillfully exemplified. In this video series made by Conservation International, different segments of the world are explored through a personified story. In this video, Julia Roberts voices ‘Mother Nature’. By visualizing and telling the story of Mother Nature, viewers are offered an interesting perspective that can only be offered through video.

Inspiring Action

We know the benefits of video as exemplified by commercials and other forms of media. When it comes to conservation efforts, video continues to not only tell powerful stories, but also inspire others to act. After all, environmental impact is only effective if it leads to a changed mind, more awareness, and ultimately action. When people can visually see the cause that they are being called to support, it is significantly easier to get on board. At the end of the day, people are inspired by causes that are larger than themselves. By demonstrating this in a visual capacity, it allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the cause and understand the importance.

In this video, the creator sparks ultimate action by making a video apologizing to future generations for the lack of environmental efforts that we are currently taking to ensure a better future for them. Not only does he have the ability to creatively display the impact that taking part could have, but he also uses emotion to spark action. This video has an astounding 20+ million views and has shown how powerful video is when used appropriately!


There are countless ways to utilize video and visual media for the benefit of conservation efforts. Depending on the goal of the campaign, video can be utilized to tell stories, educate the public, and spread awareness. Whether it’s using drone technology to showcase endangered Rhinos, or showing people what their future could look like if efforts aren’t taken seriously, there are numerous ways to demonstrate your cause through video. In this video, animation is utilized in order to demonstrate how the global water crisis is affecting others. It is much more impactful to show this via video than just through words.

How Goodsides Can Help

At Goodsides, we believe in the impact that visual media can have on conservation efforts. Through the use of high-grade equipment and expert technique, we know how to tell your story in an impactful way. For more information, visit our website.