How Visual Media Has Gained So Much Momentum

Due to several contributing factors, visual media has experienced a surge in popularity. Why has this shift away from traditional media occurred, and how can companies capitalize on this growing change?

While traditional media has experienced a gradual decline in effectiveness, visual media has continued to increase in popularity. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a well produced video is priceless. There are countless reasons as to why visual media is so valuable in the modern marketing landscape, but they can be summed up simply: value, inspiration, and trend. Traditional media is not necessarily a dead art, but if you hope to remain relevant in 2021, there is no better place to start than the visual space. 

There are Fewer Small Business Barriers 

One of the outstanding reasons for the rise in visual media has been the lack of barriers for small businesses and newcomers. Traditionally, visual marketing has been viewed as expensive and difficult to infiltrate, as it required deep technical expertise. Nowadays though, social media has essentially reinvented visual media and given businesses, small and large, a platform to share their content on for free! With 77% of small businesses on social media, there has been significant growth. Not only that, but 90% of marketers say that their social media presence has increased exposure for their business in the form of brand awareness and overall recognition. Small businesses no longer have to budget for billboards and television ads, but rather can reach their audience on their own terms. Opening and equalizing the visual playing field has only spurred innovation and risen the popularity of this medium .

With fewer barriers to launch, small businesses have been some of the biggest beneficiaries in the visual media movement. Yet, there is no industry or business type that has not intrinsically benefited from the value of visual media. Schools, non-profits, large enterprises, and government agencies alike have all reported increased ROI on video marketing. Studies have shown that 99% of marketers who currently utilize video as part of their marketing strategy plan on continuing to utilize video. 

Visual Content Creates Value 

In addition to increased entrants, visual content undeniably creates value for any given company. According to Wyzol, 94% of video marketers felt that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. As we transition further into a digital world, it is up to marketers and companies to communicate their product or service in an interpretative way. The best way to achieve this goal is logically through showing and not telling. That’s where video and visual media comes in; By showing consumers a vision for a topic, one allows others not to just imagine, but rather experience an entirely new idea. 

Inspiration is Sparked with Video

Inspiration can be sparked anywhere, but there is something about visual storytelling that allows viewers to see beyond the limitations of everyday life. What was once a seemingly elusive idea can now be brought to complete fruition with a talented videographer who understands the vision behind the project. When a talented creative is paired with a qualified and experienced videographer, the merging of ideas brings new potentials. Videos tend to unlock different possibilities and motivations in viewers, and visual storytelling is one of the most sought after mediums in today’s digital landscapes. 

The COVID Effect

While all industries have been touched by COVID-19 in one way or another, it is fair to say that media and advertising have been especially impacted by this global pandemic. According to recent studies, 51% of people claim that they are consuming more online videos than they were prior to COVID-19. Interestingly enough, but to no-one's surprise, 80% of consumers in the UK and US claim to consume more content while in quarantine, with online videos/broadcasting TV leading the way significantly. While age demographics normally have significant discrepancies when it comes to media consumption, COVID-19 and the subsequent period of quarantine has risen visual media consumption for all. In order to stay relevant in the current media landscape, especially one with loud commercial interests, capitalizing on this rising interest in video and visual media is pertinent. 


While the future of visual media can be difficult to predict, there is one thing we say with certainty: video is an incredibly effective way to communicate your message. While traditional media has long ruled over the media world, many different contributing factors have allowed visual media to take over. If you’re looking to expand into this space, check out these video services!