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Is Your Marketing Missing the Mark? The Power of Culturally Relevant Outreach

Make your audience feel understood with marketing that reflects their lived experiences.
May 2, 2024
Is Your Marketing Missing the Mark? The Power of Culturally Relevant Outreach

Ever think you could become a pro on a culture after a few Wikipedia scrolls or a photoshoot or two? Think again. Your audience can spot a genuine connection – or a lack of it – in a heartbeat. Are your campaigns hitting the mark, or are they just polished but empty in a world drowning in ads? No one wants another generic, feel-good message that could have been made for anyone, anywhere.

Culture isn't some background detail. It's a vibrant tapestry of history, language, the quirks that make a neighborhood feel like home, and the shared pride that gets a whole town cheering.

Your audience knows if you've put in the work, or if you're just tossing in random talent.

And they won't be shy about calling you out, especially in the social impact sector where trust is everything.

Still frame from our production in South Carolina. Establishing shots can double as culturally resonating.

Goodsides: We Don't Just Make Videos, We're Culture Translators

At Goodsides, we get that marketing is about way more than pretty pictures. Remember that ad that still makes you smile years later? The one that felt like they were speaking directly to you, like they saw you?

At Goodsides, that's our goal – sparking that feeling of "Whoa, they totally understand where I'm coming from!"

Don't take our word for it. Films with diverse casts significantly outperform those that don't. Businesses committed to diversity aren't just doing the right thing, they're getting a real competitive edge.

Our reach is correlated to a more methodical approach towards b-roll and teaser content.

Additionally, our own research and data prove this point. The chart above is from the Goodsides' page entitled Our Advantage.

In short, people crave brands that feel authentic and reflective of their world.

Why Culture Matters Even More for Your Impact

You guys aren't about profits, you're about changing lives – reaching folks struggling to find help, inspiring those volunteers who aren't just filling hours but truly believe in your mission, and getting your message heard above all the noise. But in a world flooded with content, even the most groundbreaking program can get lost if your marketing feels like another generic flier or a well-meaning but tone-deaf PSA.

Genuine cultural understanding – knowing a community's inside jokes, the challenges they've overcome, and what lights a fire in their hearts – that's what makes your outreach stand out.

Think back to that Coke ad with "America the Beautiful" in so many languages. It wasn't just selling soda, it became iconic because it tapped into something bigger, something that resonated across divides.

Today, people expect realness. They want more than services, they want to feel understood and respected. Marketing that gets their culture shows you don't just see them as target demographics – you want to be woven into the fabric of their story.

The Goodsides Way: It's Way More Than Fancy Footage

So, how do we actually turn this into campaigns that deliver? At Goodsides, we're the kind of nerds who get excited about figuring out why one neighborhood's annual festival is legendary, while another falls flat. Here's our approach:

  • Deep Dive: We don't just parachute in for a quick shoot. Think of us as temporary locals, spending time in communities, learning things a Google search won't tell you.
  • Respect First: Diverse casts and crews are a given, but it's deeper than that. We fight cliches, empower individuals to share their experiences in their own words, and always ask, "Would someone from this community be proud of this?"
  • Local Voices Amplified: We're all about those local insiders, the ones with real influence and trust. Their insights and collaborations are what make our campaigns click.

Want Some Proof? Our Campaigns Deliver

We love a good story, but results also matter. Fact is, our culture-focused campaigns always outperform generic stuff. They get shared more, they spark conversations, they build the kind of trust that leads to real impact!

From a production for Los Rios Community College District. We used different talent to showcase the varied student body.

Busting Assumptions: The Real Power of Culturally Relevant Marketing

Here's where things get fun. Let's say you're making that community college ad. It's not just the fresh-out-of-high-school crowd, right? Maybe you've also got parents going back to get a degree, or folks changing careers after decades in one field. They each want to feel seen and heard in a way that's relevant to their journey.

Or picture a college with a beachy campus AND one more inland. A campaign that rocks in one spot could backfire at the other because they've got different rhythms and local heroes. We dig deep, find those tailored approaches, but also the universal stuff that connects with everyone.

No audience is "hard-to-reach" if you find the right language, the visuals that speak louder than words, and the stories that hit home.

Ready to Talk?

Goodsides gets the subtle stuff, the heart, and soul of what makes a community tick. Let's turn that into marketing magic – the kind that sparks connections and makes your mission stronger.

Want to see how this can work for you? Get in touch – let's get this conversation going!