The Crucial Elements of Government Video

The quality of a video is of upmost importance. Quality video in the government world can lead to better brand perception of a city, and higher rates of tourism and residency. We will be dissecting the individual elements of two government videos, and what determined the quality of each.

When it comes to video, there is no one element that makes a video flop. Rather, there are a number of contributing factors that determine the overall quality of the video, or lack thereof. Quality is so vital to government video, because quality positively contributes to brand imaging and results in a larger return in investment for both cities and their residents. Research has shown that creating a stronger visual brand identity for a city also leads to increased civic engagement and sense of belonging within the community. Not to mention increased tourism and higher attraction for potential residents. Through our discussion about video quality and what these individual elements are, we will be looking at two government video productions and dissecting the individual elements. We will also be looking at how high quality video results in increased value and engagement for cities. 

Port of Oakland 

The Port of Oakland promotional Youtube channel was created in order to highlight the beauty and value of this port, as well as aid as an educational source for tourists and locals alike. While the video is designed to raise awareness for the revolutionary port, the poor quality of video seems to undermine this point entirely. When creating a video, it’s highly important to use high-grade video equipment and careful editing techniques. Failure to do so has detrimental consequences- the product or service being advertised coming across as low quality as well. This is essentially what happened with the Port of Oakland Youtube channel. When examining closely their video, one cannot help but observe the shaky and grainy visual elements of their videos. At times, the video looks as if it was filmed on an iPhone- as opposed to industry standard equipment. Studies have shown that when the quality of a video decreases, the average time spent viewing the video dropped by a massive 77%. This is conclusive evidence that in order to retain engagement, visual quality is of utmost importance. 

 Additionally, sound quality plays a large role in the quality and communication style of the video at hand. With the Port of Oakland promotional videos, it is obvious that the sound decreases the overall quality of the video. With volume failing to find a consistent level, the bland background music is actually a distraction for viewers. 

Lastly, a very important aspect of the effectiveness of video practice is actually not a video element at all-it is the searchability and discoverability of given videos. This is why it’s important to establish a clear channel name. When you initially search ‘Port of Oakland’, tons of other channels and videos appear before the official channel is found. Even then, it is difficult to discern if this channel is another fan account, or the actually sponsored channel.

A still from the Port of Oakland YouTube video.

Port of San Francisco 

The Port of San Francisco however, is an example of how a high quality and thoughtfully produced video can increase visibility and product perception. The video transitions smoothly from frame to frame, and there is no visible shakiness or unease. Because of this, viewers are able to enjoy the images on screen and admire the features of the port- rather than try to ignore the poor quality of video. The visuals are also clear and not grainy. Additionally, as opposed to only aerial or ground shots of the port, the production team added in valuable interviews with staff. This adds a nice cadence to the video that keeps viewers easily engaged. 

The sound in this video is also nicely edited. The music is not a distraction in the video, but rather adds a nice addition to the video. The sound also smoothly transitions through interviews and other elements without dramatically cutting out. 

The Port of San Francisco YouTube video screenshot.

Engagement Stats: A Comparison

The Port of Oakland has an abundant amount of potential in their visual imagery and advertising technique. As is evidence through their channel, their views are less than half of the views generated by the Port of San Francisco. That is thousands of less people who are engaged with their content, and thousands of less potential tourists, future residents, etc. The potential for viewers is there. For example, the Port of Long Beach has also racked up far more views than the Port of Oakland through their humorous and entertaining videos and high-grade content. Meanwhile, the Port of Los Angeles has captured nearly 42,000 viewers with their video services. 

Port of Los Angeles YouTube video with over 42,000 views.

Quality Wins 

At the end of the day, video is supposed to make a positive impact on the viewer. In this case, the videos were created to positively show viewers the wonderful qualities of both ports. As is evidenced in this case study, the impact is significantly lessened when the quality fails to be up to par. Quality should always trump quantity in video. Positively impacting a handful of people is far better than making a lukewarm impact on many people. Visual storytelling can be a powerful tool when utilized correctly! There really is no cutting corners when it comes to high grade video. If a government agency lacks the technical skills to produce the video that they are envisioning, there are plenty of options! At Goodsides, we pride ourselves on being the experts in high-grade video production for Government entities. Contact for more information regarding our services!