Why Government Agencies Should Contract Out Video

As video technology evolves, the importance of visual media increases.

As a government purchasing entity looking to increase marketing and advertising capabilities, sifting through the various qualifications that prospective contractors have can be overwhelming. However, as the digital landscape continues to shift, there is one overwhelmingly important asset that is often time undervalued- video capabilities. Adding video production capabilities to government agencies can lead to increased community involvement, higher grade content, and overall added educational practicality. There is a strong advantage for government agencies that add video production requirements to their RFPs.

Added Educational Practicality 

One of the main functions of many government entities is to provide some sort of educational resource for the public. Whether that’s addressing where taxpayer dollars are being spent, showing how to protect oneself against a natural disaster, or highlighting new community benefits, there is an undeniable advantage to using video as opposed to written text or still photos. Especially with the rise of educational video content through social media and other sharing sites, there is a strong need for content that is both educational, interesting and practical. Not only does visual media communicate purpose clearly, but visual media and video also is meaningful for viewers. Many purchasing government entities are tasked with communicating difficult and complex information. Video can use graphics, unique angles, familiar faces, etc. to establish thought leadership and communicate with their audience effectively. This can make typically monotonous information more digestible and exciting for viewers. 

Higher Grade Content & Technological Advantages 

Higher quality content is yet another advantage to the use of video services within government agencies. Contractors with video capabilities are likely to have large technological advantages over those who don’t. Filling in tech gaps can be largely beneficial for many- usually in the form of higher grade content, better communication styles, and overall increased knowledge about media. Typically, when one thinks of government produced training videos or online content, they expect a more bland and less exciting piece of material. Now is the time to switch the narrative and commit to providing a high quality outcome.

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Increased Community Involvement 

One of the features of video lies in its accessibility for all. Those who use social media or have access to government sharing sites are all able to stay up to date with video announcements and developments. With video, government entities can show rather than tell, and increased civic involvement. Rather than explaining in an email the benefits of a new project, they can use video to show people themselves. Beyond that, video is essential for communicating the ‘why’ behind projects, and the importance and impact that new innovative measures will have. 

Other Advantages 

There are countless reasons to seek video production capabilities when deciding on a contractor. A highly valuable asset for purchasing entities is customer and resident testimonials. Being able to demonstrate satisfaction from new efforts is invaluable. Moreover, excitement and positivity is contagious. Connecting your community on a visual level is just one way to show the positive impact that your services have on the lives of those in the community. 

How We Can Help

At Goodsides, we specialize in video production for government agencies. Not only do we possess the expertise and equipment to produce high quality content, but we also pride ourselves on having the skill of storytelling and engagement. If you are interested in learning more, visit government.media for more information.