Digital Postcards

For segments of your audience that are "harder to reach" on social media and elsewhere.
Key Features:
  • Customized end-to-end digital to print strategy
  • Advanced asset selection and placement onto print-friendly INDD file and PDF
  • Dedicated team of consultants and graphic artists ready 24/7
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Award Winning
On Your Schedule
98% Client Retention
Accelerate Trainings
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Award Winning
On Your Schedule
98% Client Retention
Accelerate Trainings
Increase Awareness

Goodsides' Digital Postcard service transforms stills from video content into versatile digital assets that can be printed as tangible postcards or shared electronically via emails and newsletters.

This flexibility ensures that the memorable moments and narratives captured in your videos reach every member of your community, enhancing both digital and physical outreach.

Why Choose Us

At Goodsides, we excel in converting digital content into high-quality materials that preserve the integrity and impact of the original media.

Our process ensures that each postcard captures the essence of your video and is optimized for both print and digital use, offering crystal clear, vibrant visuals. This service is particularly valuable for reaching demographics that vary in their media consumption habits, ensuring comprehensive community engagement.

Who Benefits

This service is ideal for municipal governments, community organizations, healthcare providers, and any group looking to enhance their outreach.

It's perfect for bridging the digital divide and strengthening community ties through personalized, versatile content that caters to both tech-savvy users and those who prefer traditional media.

How It Works

  • Selection of Stills: We select key moments from your video content that best represent your community's stories and values.
  • Custom Design: Our team designs each postcard to resonate with the intended audience, reinforcing the message and aesthetics of the original video.
  • Dual Optimization: We utilize advanced technology to ensure each postcard is optimized for both digital sharing and high-quality printing.
  • Distribution Strategy: We develop effective distribution strategies to ensure these postcards reach your community members through the most suitable channels, maximizing impact and engagement.

Your Next Step

Discover the full potential of your video content with Goodsides' Digital Postcard service. Whether it's through print or digital channels, we can help you transform your digital assets into cherished keepsakes that unite and engage your community.

Connect with us today to explore how we can help extend the reach and impact of your video content.

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