Retargeting and Audience Expansion

For engaging previously untapped segments and representing diverse community voices.
Key Features:
  • Unlock new audiences or reach further into desired groups
  • Maximize ROI with strategic and repeat placements
  • See improvements in engagement via targeted b-roll, voiceovers, etc.
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Award Winning
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Award Winning
On Your Schedule
98% Client Retention
Accelerate Trainings
Increase Awareness

Goodsides’ Retargeting and Audience Expansion service leverages our extensive b-roll libraries and capabilities to shoot culturally pertinent b-roll, tailoring existing video content to resonate with new demographic segments.

This service isn't just about correcting previous distribution shortcomings—it's about strategically extending the reach and impact of your video content to maximize your investment.

Why Choose Us

With Goodsides, you gain access to industry-leading expertise in video production and distribution tailored specifically to social sectors and nonprofits (any organization with a mission involving people). We utilize cinematic-grade technology and creative insights to ensure that each video not only reaches but also engages its intended audience effectively, ensuring every piece of content has the cultural relevance and appeal to make a lasting impact.

Who Benefits

This service is ideal for organizations looking to broaden their audience base, including government agencies, NGOs, educational institutions, and corporations aiming to increase their social impact or market penetration.

It’s perfect for any entity needing to adjust their messaging to be more inclusive or to resonate with specific cultural groups.

How It Works

  1. Initial Consultation: We'll discuss your current video assets and target demographics.
  2. Content Analysis: We'll then identify areas for improvement and potential new audience segments.
  3. Production & Editing: Our post production team will integrate new b-roll, adjust pacing, and update music and voiceovers to suit different cultural contexts and languages.
  4. Distribution Strategy: Collaboratively, we'll plan and execute the distribution to maximize reach and engagement among new demographic groups.

Your Next Step

Ready to broaden your reach and connect with new audiences? Contact us today to learn how our Retargeting and Audience Expansion service can transform your video content and unlock its full potential.

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