Streetscape/Barrier Wraps

For segments that are passing through your community and long-time residents.
Key Features:
  • Tailor visuals for streetscapes from existing assets to enhance aesthetics
  • Use strategic CTAs for meaningful public engagement
  • Repurpose content to beautify spaces economically, avoiding costly murals
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Award Winning
On Your Schedule
98% Client Retention
Accelerate Trainings
Increase Awareness

Goodsides' "Streetscape/Barrier Wraps" service is at the forefront of integrating video technology with urban beautification. By transforming video assets and still frames into captivating wraps, we create a multimedia experience that decorates and communicates simultaneously.

These installations are not just visually engaging—they are also platforms for video messaging, allowing cities to broadcast important announcements, cultural events, and public information directly through these dynamic displays.

Why Choose Us

Imagine the impact of high-resolution imagery from city events, landmarks, or historical footage displayed on everyday urban elements. Our service extends the reach of digital media by embedding it into the cityscape itself, enhancing both the aesthetic and the utility of public spaces.

Inspired by successful beautification initiatives, we use technology to bring a new dimension to urban design, merging visual appeal with digital communication capabilities.

Who Benefits

This innovative approach is ideal for city officials, event organizers, and urban planners aiming to boost engagement and provide value beyond traditional art installations.

Our wraps transform bland infrastructure into vibrant, informative platforms that tell stories, showcase local talent, and promote upcoming events, making every corner a potential point of interaction.

How It Works

Our process ensures that your city's character and goals are visually represented and celebrated:

  1. Content Selection: We work with you to select or create video content and stills that represent the best of what your city offers.
  2. Design Collaboration: Our design team transforms these assets into custom wraps that fit perfectly within the chosen urban elements.
  3. Seamless Execution: From digital rendering to physical installation, we handle all aspects to bring your vision to life with minimal disruption.

Your Next Step

Experience the transformative power of video-enhanced streetscapes with Goodsides. Contact us to discover how your existing video content can become a vital part of your city's visual and communicative landscape.

Are you ready to reinvent your city's streetscapes? Reach out to Goodsides today and start the conversation on how we can turn your visual assets into public masterpieces.

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