Using Video to Empower Volunteers: LA County Library Case Study

Goodsides supercharged their volunteer program with videos that inform, inspire, and ignite action.
LA County Library
Cultural Institution
Los Angeles, CA
LA County Library needed to streamline volunteer training and attract new volunteers, facing potential constraints in resources and volunteer awareness.
Goodsides provided cost-effective video solutions that delivered engaging training content and a compelling recruitment message.

LA County Library sought to bolster its volunteer program with compelling video content. Goodsides, a certified Social Enterprise, partnered with the library to create impactful training materials and a dynamic volunteer recruitment video.

What We Provided

  • Dual-Purpose Video Production: In one efficient production day, we captured footage for both an in-depth training video and a volunteer recruitment mini-commercial.
  • Strategic Storytelling: We worked with the library's Director to craft scripts that highlighted both essential procedures and the unique benefits of volunteering.
  • Location Scouting Expertise: Our Director of Photography helped select the ideal filming location, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of the videos.
  • Social Impact Focus: Our Social Enterprise certification aligned with the library's commitment to community-driven service.

How We Helped Them Achieve Their Goals

  • Streamlined Volunteer Training: The educational video provides a clear, engaging orientation for new volunteers, improving efficiency and knowledge retention.
  • Increased Volunteer Recruitment: The dynamic mini-commercial showcases the rewarding aspects of volunteering, attracting a wider pool of potential candidates.
  • Community-Focused Approach: The project underscored the library's dedication to volunteerism and community empowerment.

Key Takeaway: Video is a powerful tool for libraries seeking to optimize volunteer programs. Goodsides' expertise in storytelling, production, and social impact helped LA County Library achieve both practical and inspirational goals.