How We Preserved Sacramento's Story Through Cinematic Video

This project demonstrates our skill in creating targeted, award-winning content.
City of Sacramento
Public Agency
Sacramento, CA
The City of Sacramento's Preservation Office had limited resources to promote historical preservation and needed compelling materials to maximize their grant-funded outreach efforts.
Goodsides produced engaging educational videos that showcased the importance of preservation and effectively reached both teachers and realtors.

The City of Sacramento aimed to raise awareness about the importance of historical preservation. Goodsides partnered with them to create compelling educational videos, bringing their message to life and winning industry recognition.

What We Provided

  • Targeted Video Modules: Goodsides crafted two distinct videos for teachers and realtors, tailoring the content and style to each audience for maximum impact.
  • Historical Storytelling: Using high-quality 4K footage, voiceovers, and local talent, we wove a visual narrative of Sacramento's rich history and preservation efforts.
  • Comprehensive Production: Our services spanned concept development, scripting, location scouting, filming, and extensive post-production.
  • Collaborative Approach: We worked seamlessly with City officials and a local subcontractor, ensuring a smooth process and successful outcome.

How We Helped Them Achieve Their Goals

  • Increased Preservation Awareness: The videos effectively educated target audiences about the value of historical preservation within the Sacramento community.
  • Industry Recognition: The "Teachers Module" won a prestigious Gold Hermes Creative Award, highlighting the project's excellence.
  • Cost-Effective Production: We maximized the grant funding, securing historical footage at minimal cost and delivering the project on budget.
  • Strategic Partnership: The successful collaboration led to a continued partnership with a local subcontractor, expanding our regional capabilities.

Key Takeaway: Goodsides' expertise in storytelling and video production helped the City of Sacramento effectively communicate the importance of historical preservation. This project demonstrates our skill in creating targeted, award-winning content, our budget-conscious approach, and our ability to foster strong partnerships.