Planting Seeds of Change: P4TP's Success Story

See how Goodsides helped Plants 4 the People communicate their mission, attract volunteers, and secure funding to transform their community.
Plants 4 the People
Nonprofit Org.
Glendora, CA
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Glendora, CA needed to create a visual standard for their videos and grant proposals to ensure growth.
Goodsides provided a mission statement in video format, as well as a proposal that helped them secure a significant grant from the USDA.

Plants 4 the People (P4TP) had a mission to connect communities with sustainable food sources and edible gardening. Goodsides helped them communicate this vision powerfully.

What We Provided

  • Video Mission Statement: A dynamic video featuring key figures and visuals, showcasing P4TP's impact.
  • Proposal Visual Standard: A cohesive, professional look for grant proposals, enhancing their presentation. You can find the full version here.
Still frame of b-roll found in the Goodsides-produced video above.


  • Boosted Volunteer Engagement: The video became a powerful recruitment tool, attracting passionate volunteers.
  • Secured Major Funding: The improved proposals helped secure a USDA grant, expanding P4TP's reach.
  • Evergreen Content: They have saved countless dollars recreating the same mission statement via our cinematic approach.

Key Takeaways

  • Visual Storytelling Works: Videos communicate a mission with impact, inspiring action.
  • Visuals Elevate Funding: A polished aesthetic demonstrates competence and enhances grant success.

Goodsides as a Partner: We provide strategic visual solutions that help nonprofits thrive.

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