Video Retargeting and Audience Expansion for Los Rios Community College

Goodsides targeted diverse segments to boost Los Rios Community College's enrollment.
Los Rios Community College District
Sacramento Metro
The Los Rios Community College District needed to effectively communicate its flexible, adult-directed educational programs to a diverse and wide-ranging audience.
Goodsides created a bilingual, multi-format video campaign to enhance visibility and appeal across diverse demographics.

The Los Rios Community College District, comprising Sacramento City College, American River College, Folsom Lake College, and Cosumnes River College, serves nearly 70,000 students.

Renowned for its flexible degree options and programs tailored to adult learners, the district maintains a strong commitment to accessibility and community involvement.


The primary challenge was to effectively communicate the district's commitment to flexible, accessible education to a diverse audience. This included not only ensuring the content was engaging across various demographics but also making it accessible for non-English speakers as well.


  1. Enhance awareness of the Los Rios Community College District's flexible degree options and adult-directed programs.
  2. Engage potential students across multiple demographics, including Spanish-speaking communities.
  3. Maximize reach and impact through strategic retargeting and distribution on both television and digital platforms.

Strategies and Execution

Goodsides collaborated on a comprehensive video campaign featuring three distinct formats: 60-second, 30-second, and 15-second spots, each designed for optimal engagement on specific platforms ranging from television to social media.

The versatility of these formats allowed for effective retargeting based on viewer interactions and platform performance.

  • Content Localization: Two versions of each video were produced in both English and Spanish, aligning voiceovers perfectly with the visual content to ensure clarity and impact. This approach catered to the district’s diverse audience, particularly targeting Spanish-speaking communities.
  • Diverse Filming Locations: Filming took place across multiple campuses and community locations—including a grocery chain, residences, and public transit areas—to showcase the real-life applicability and accessibility of the college’s offerings.
  • Emotional and Practical Appeals: The longer, 60-second videos focused on creating emotional connections with viewers, highlighting potential friendships and community ties at the colleges. Shorter formats emphasized the practicality of the programs for busy adults.
  • Accessibility Focus: All videos featured ADA-compliant high contrast lower thirds and ensured clear visibility of all on-screen text, making the content accessible to viewers with visual impairments.
  • Regional Promotion: Videos highlighted regional attractions, such as Folsom’s river and recreational activities, tying the educational experience to the vibrant local life and attractions.


The campaign was broadcast on regional television networks, including Telemundo, ensuring wide reach within the target geographic area.

Strategic distribution partnerships with local media and third-party marketing firms enabled precise retargeting and analytics, enhancing the campaign’s impact and efficiency.


The campaign effectively increased visibility and interest in the Los Rios Community College District's programs. By leveraging sophisticated distribution strategies and thoughtful content creation, Goodsides helped the district connect with a broader audience, ultimately supporting enrollment growth and community engagement.

Key Takeaway: The next time your organization is considering how to reach specific segments, think about our use of diverse formats and multilingual voiceovers to engage varied audiences. Trust in a proven partner to effectively tailor and distribute your message.