Elevating Murrieta a Second Time: Robust Storytelling Showcased a City's Innovation and Spirit

Discover how Goodsides' cinematic approach brought Murrieta's State of the City to life.
City of Murrieta
Public Agency
Murrieta, CA
The City desired to increase community engagement and elevate its status in the region through video.
Through our partnership with City leadership, we once again produced compelling videos for their State of the City address, going further than last year.

Goodsides has nurtured a deep and evolving partnership with the City of Murrieta, reflecting our shared commitment to community engagement and development.

Over multiple years, our collaborations have expanded to include key city events such as the State of the City (SOTC) addresses, promotional videos for commercial development, and various cultural events, significantly enhancing Murrieta's municipal narrative and visibility.


The 2024 project posed unique challenges, including the transition to a new Public Information Officer and an accelerated timeline to capture essential city events.

Additionally, the City of Murrieta hosted its inaugural Jazz and Blues Festival and other pivotal community gatherings, requiring our team to quickly adapt and integrate into these new dynamics while maintaining the high-quality storytelling expected of us.

Public safety videos like this one (above) offer deeper looks at cutting-edge technology and dedicated teamwork. The stuff it takes to keep cities safe.

Strategy and Execution

Our approach centered on immersive storytelling and dynamic visual content to capture the essence of Murrieta’s growth and community spirit:

  • State of the City Presentations: We produced five distinct videos showcased at various intervals during the event, each tailored to resonate with the live audience and enhance the overall event experience.
  • Council Members Skit: Recognizing the importance of pacing and engagement, we worked closely with council members to refine a skit, ensuring it was both informative and entertaining. Our team employed diverse camera movements and angles to highlight each council member’s personality and role.
  • Executive Interviews and Aerial Shots: Interviews with the city’s executive team were paired with fresh aerial footage of new developments and construction projects, offering both ground-level insights and a broader perspective of Murrieta’s growth.
  • Community Event Filming: Rapid integration into the city's new and traditional events allowed us to produce vibrant content that captured the community's essence, particularly at the new Jazz and Blues Festival.


The impact of our collaborative efforts was palpable:

  • Stronger community engagement: Live reactions at the SOTC event, including praise from the executive team, demonstrated the effectiveness of our videos in fostering community pride and engagement.
  • Enhanced public safety communication: Our concise public safety update reel, shown at the SOTC, effectively highlighted Murrieta's safety initiatives and technological advancements in under a minute.
  • Increased visibility: The city's reposting of our content further amplified Murrieta's growth narrative, drawing attention to its cultural and commercial development.
  • Solidified partnerships: Despite numerous changes in the city, our proactive approach fostered trust and established a foundation for ongoing collaboration.
The response on social media was positive as well, with the City's IG account showing its support, as well as showing our team to their 11K+ followers.


Feedback from city officials and event attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with remarks highlighting how our work not only showcased Murrieta’s developments but also made the city’s leaders "look good" and "shine" in the public eye.


This project exemplifies Goodsides' ability to adapt swiftly to changing dynamics while maintaining the quality and impact of our video productions.

Our ongoing partnership with Murrieta continues to be a testament to our dedication to enhancing community narratives through professional and engaging video content. As we look forward to future projects, our commitment to Murrieta’s growth and visibility remains stronger than ever.