Goodsides Creates Compelling Video Curriculum for Richland Library's LTR Program

Struggling with in-house video production, Richland Library partnered with Goodsides to create a powerful video curriculum for their Let's Talk Race project.
Richland Library
Cultural Institution
Columbia, SC
Richland Library knew their curriculum had potential, but their initial videos weren't reaching the right audience or inspiring action.
Goodsides' expertise in video production resulted in a series of high-quality videos, ranging in length, that successfully captured the essence of the Let's Talk Race project and its important mission.

The Library aimed to expand the reach of their important "Let's Talk Race" initiative beyond their immediate community. While they had hosted successful in-person events, they sought to elevate their digital presence. Investing in high-quality video would allow them to share the powerful conversations happening within their library with a wider audience and amplify their message.

What We Provided

  • Visual Storytelling Expertise: We guided the visual direction of the video series, advising on locations, style choices, and scripting to ensure the content was impactful and engaging.
  • Sponsorship Recognition: We inspired a unique "Thank You" video to acknowledge sponsors, fostering goodwill and encouraging future support for important initiatives.
  • Technical Partnership: By collaborating with a local equipment firm, we kept production costs down while still delivering broadcast-quality results.

How We Helped Them Achieve Their Goals

  • Professional Production: We managed the editing process, transforming raw footage into polished, compelling videos that captured the essence of the "Let's Talk Race" series.
  • Expanded Reach: The final videos formed the centerpiece of Richland Library's revamped website around their initiative. This made their message accessible to a broader audience.
  • Ongoing Impact: The videos continue to be used as an educational tool by the library, driving ongoing engagement and awareness of their work combating racial inequity.

Key Takeaway: Richland Library's investment in video storytelling enabled them to amplify their crucial "Let's Talk Race" campaign and meaningfully extend their impact.