Boosting Enrollment at Southwestern College with Award-Winning B-Roll

Goodsides helped 3fold and Southwestern College increase on-campus enrollment with premier b-roll video files.
Southwestern College
Chula Vista, CA
The college sought to increase enrollment after fearing a decrease of in-person and on-campus student activity.
Cinematic b-roll was produced alongside powerful marketing, attracting students back on campus.

Southwestern College sought to increase enrollment and campus vibrancy. Goodsides teamed up with marketing firm 3fold to deliver a dynamic visual solution that would showcase the college's unique energy and offerings.

What We Provided

  • Cinematic B-Roll: Goodsides produced high-quality footage (later winning a VIDDY award) that captured the full spectrum of student life: academics, athletics, graduation, and everything in between.
  • Action-Focused Cinematography: Our DP immersed himself in the action, capturing authentic, dynamic shots of sporting events and student activities.
  • Strategic Collaboration: We seamlessly integrated our efforts with 3fold's existing marketing strategy, ensuring a cohesive and impactful campaign.

How We Helped Them Achieve Their Goals

  • Increased Enrollment: The captivating visuals showcased the college experience in a way that resonated with prospective students, boosting enrollment numbers.
  • Enhanced Campus Vibrancy: The footage highlighted the energy of campus life, creating a sense of excitement and attracting more students to on-campus events.
  • Versatile Marketing Assets: The b-roll provided a wealth of material for commercials, social media, and other promotional channels, extending the reach and longevity of the campaign.

Key Takeaway: High-quality, cinematic b-roll is a powerful tool for educational institutions. Goodsides' expertise helped Southwestern College stand out, attract a new generation of students, and foster a thriving campus community.